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Children are Our Present and Future

The Belizean Child Virtual Knowledge Centre is a public-access virtual knowledge centre created and implemented as an inter-agency collaboration between UNICEF Belize, the University of the West Indies Open Campus in Belize, and the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC). The site is a resource centre designed to gather child-specific content on the Belizean child from international, regional and national research, findings, and practices from the field and communication for development. Through this knowledge centre, information is within easy access of a wide network of partners involved in child rights work in Belize.


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Recently Added Documents

12 May National Secondary School Drug Prevalence Survey Report - Belize 2013
This report provides a general assessment of the state of drug consumption as it relates to secondar...

12 May Report of the National Child Activity Survey - Belize 2013
This report is the second such survey of children’s activities conducted on a nationwide scale in ...

12 May A review of child labour laws of Belize: a guide to legislative reform
This document looks at Labour laws in Belize and how it reflects on children. It provides some guid...

12 May Drug prevalence survey of secondary school students: A comparison of 3 Caribbean countries: Barbados
This report looks at the past several decades where there have been dramatic changes in the health ...

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